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About Plvto

As a Portland native, that graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Admin. with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and minor in Economics- similar to many creatives that first attempted to venture into the corporate world, I was dissuaded by the 9-5 lifestyle and was inspired to create a career trajectory that met the work lifestyle I thrived in. I wanted to wear my own designs, work within my own artistic haven, and be my own boss- and with that came many entrepreneurship ventures, some more successful than others before where I am at today.

After experiencing 7 break-ins since January, a record 70% decrease in downtown foot traffic, and the ongoing challenges we face in Old Town I had to announce the closure of Produce Portland’s brick and mortar, as an original co-founder and the creative director managing the business operations, print & production of the brand.

As most know, this was a collective effort between Produce Organic Records and the Produce Portland store team which is now Pallet Portland. Besides the continued financial instability of Old Town- mentally the struggle has been exemplified in a way through the current state of distress in downtown and the experiences we’ve all had that have made Old Town an undesirable location to be. Unspeakable things have been experienced that have led to my need to focus on my own mental health needs.

I will no longer be involved with Pallet Portland’s transition nor the future of Produce Organic Records and am focusing my energy into myself. It was a wonderful journey and the legacy that was achieved is immeasurable, but my mental health is my priority.

My dream and passion have always been to service the creative community of Portland as well as young entrepreneurs.I am partnering with Oregon Screen Impressions to continue offering my design and production services. As well as, the launch of Plvto's Showroom- a design studio/office with a showroom in the loft above the facility where I can continue servicing you and our beloved Portland community. I will have samples amongst many other things in the showroom to assist with your varying project needs. Without the retail aspect and the day to day operations of Produce Portland I will be able to focus all of my efforts on design and production to continue to support you. The recent opportunities I have had with Heart & Hustle Productions & Claima Stories has reminded me of what inspired me to begin this journey initially and has led me to refocusing my efforts back into me and my purpose. I am here to help elevate and bring your creativity to life. 

I will continue to provide my expertise in design and production through my new venture with Plvto Showroom. There will be limited drops of my signature Plvto line and new looks from the Be You wardrobe essential collections.

I am always accepting inquiries regarding creative collaboration, logo development, and local community support. Or if you are just looking for the latest Plvto drop on Earth.

Blessings. Love. and Let’s Create.